Woman At War: Homely And Dynamic Political Satire

Woman at War is an environmental drama wrapped in whimsical comedy and tied with a bow of midlife soul-searching.” – Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

Woman At War Cert 12 1h 41min Eldon Building Screening Room 1.10 7 March

Halla, a 49-year-old eco-activist, sets out to disturb the plans and activities of an multinational corporation aluminium plant outside Iceland’s Reykjavik, all the while juggling an adoption process against a government that fights to disprove her. Through a set of trials and tribulations, Halla comes to risk everything to protect the Icelandic highlands from the encroaching local industries that seek to damage the environment.

Woman At War is a beautiful mishmash of genres and themes, a borderline idiosyncratic tale of love and revenge through the lens of environmental activism. It’s also an unyielding character study and an unapologetically feel-good movie. Much of the brilliance, too, comes from the central performance by Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, whose work in the movie has received universal praise. The visual literacy of the movie is commendable also, tracking vast and often breathtaking landscapes. With a pocketful of thrills and ingenious twists, Woman At War tackles urgent environmental issues in an effervescent, at times, irreverent dramedy, laying out a brilliant case against the corporation without sacrificing a single ounce of conviction.

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