Vita & Virginia: Sharp And Whimsical Love Story

Vita & Virginia is a beautiful dream-like documentation of their love for each other.” – Lorry Kikta, Film Threat

Vita & Virginia Cert 12 1h 50min Eldon Building Screening Room 1.10 Wednesday 26 February

Literary titan Virginia Woolf and aristocrat novelist Vita Sackville-West strike romance in the London of the 1920s against the accuracy of many period welcomes; from lustrous palaces and superb fashion to Bohemian attitudes and textured wit, Vita & Virginia deals in the traditional and classy love story where the lovers have to thread very carefully in the relationship, for fear of coming on strong or seeming indifferent.


Vita & Virginia: Sharp And Whimsical Love Story

But this love affair looks past the childish games and the silly quips and into the much deeper laws that govern these women’s separate lives and how their newfound relationship helps to change some of those laws (obviously) for the better. A big feature of the movie too is Woolf’s novel, Orlando, whose roots in the central relationship deepen along with the narrative.

All of Orlando‘s magic can be seen rising from the synergy between the two women, neither willing to let go of their clever little plays or panache, instead one-upping one another out of jealousy and disinterest, feelings which only this odd-ball couple can simultaneously feign with such charm and precision.

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