University Of Portsmouth’s Business Consultancy Project at Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre.

We nominated our group for the award for “Outstanding Collaboration” and are pleased to announce that the won!  BCP (Business Consultancy Project) is flagship module of business school which emphasises practical learning for final year business studies students.

Participation in BCP give students an opportunity to:
– develop their soft skills through interacting with their client and networking with other businesses participating in the programme.
– Work to their client’s brief and innovate to define and deliver a series business improvements.
– quantify their results and present with other findings as a final report to client and tutors.

Conducted by DOTA Consultancy.

DOTA Consultancy’s main aim is to help SCAC consolidate and grow their customer base and to achieve financial stability. DOTA aspires to provide advice and guidance to SCAC using the research they’ve found. To meet the client’s needs, DOTA researched and analysed SCAC’s social media, customer and sales and customer satisfaction levels. In addition, create promotional materials to help boot their customer base.

DOTA approached this project by organising weekly team and client meetings on google calendar. A task tracker was created in order to keep track of weekly tasks. During this project, the client gave each member a specific role meaning they had a specific job to do. All members of DOTA did their own research as well creating a survey for primary research.

We are proud with the Business School students for their hard work.  Danielle Stoddart, Ollie Brimble, Trish-Marie Gob, Shaun Abdiqani

The student Danielle Stoddart said:

“Working with SCAC has not only provided me with knowledge but transferable skills for the world of business. The welcoming community and atmosphere, reminiscent of the environment I thrive in as a barista in another not-for-profit organisation when I’m home from university, have been eye-opening. Every moment spent with Southsea Community Cinema has left an mark and a deeper appreciation for the communal experience of watching films.

In conclusion, consulting for Southsea Community Cinema has been an absolute pleasure. I am grateful for the genuine warmth, open arms, and the wealth of knowledge shared by the SCAC team. This experience has not only enriched my academic journey but has also shaped my understanding of the profound impact community-based organizations can have on individuals and society at large”

Trisha-Marie Gob’s testimony said:

“Working with Southsea Cinema has really helped me improve on my communication skills and confidence building. As part of this project with them, participating in discussions, sharing ideas and contributing is really important. With that, it really helped me develop on my confidence. Being given the role a as a social media representative helped me improve my skills for marketing – especially when that is an industry, I was to be a part of when I leave university.

With everything I have learnt in terms of communication and marketing from Southsea Cinema, it will really benefit me for after university. I personally don’t have much experience of working with a company. Therefore, after working with Southsea Cinema for the past few months, it really helped me some of the experience I need for later on in the future.”

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