PFS Membership

Portsmouth Film Society is a community interest company. Our aim is to show independent films, British films, classic films, artists’ films, local short films and foreign films, including films that have never been screened in Portsmouth. We also aim to promote the community cinema across the city.
In addition to the benefits listed below, you will get a quarterly newsletter by E-Mail, and invitations to film talks, discussions, quiz nights and PFS festivals. Once you have paid your membership fee, you can collect your membership card at the cinema gate.

PFS Business Membership Scheme

There are many ways for businesses to support our work, including in-kind donations, sponsorship of events or festivals, and through our new Business Membership Scheme. Sponsorship packages for Sunset outdoor cinema events, film festivals, art exhibitions, workshops, come with a whole host of individually tailored benefits including free tickets, PR opportunities and the chance to present your business directly to customers.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities or Business Membership, please E-Mail:



  • Free tickets for Outdoor Cinema events.
  • Reduced ticket price (£2 discount)


  • With monthly subscription 
  • Free tickets for Outdoor Cinema events
  • Reduced ticket price (£2 discount)    
Please follow this link to join: PFS Yearly Membership

PFS Annual Business Membership

Portsmouth Film Society - I Am Only Human Workshop

    PFS Annual Business Membership: £250

  • Free tickets for Outdoor Cinema events and 10 free tickets for films at Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre.
  • Reduced ticket price (£2 discount).
  • Your name on publicity produced for Sunset Outdoor Cinema. screenings where possible.
  • Inclusion in press release announcing sponsorship of Sunset Outdoor Cinema sent out to local media.
  • Your logo and link on our website pages and logo in all flyers.
  • Thanks in social media as sponsors and press releases.
  • 30 second film and logo slide on screen prior to film commencement at Southsea Cinema or Sunset Outdoor cinema. 

Donate Us

We would like provide the best creative and cultural experiences available. It is important for us to keep these accessible and affordable, but after a challenging couple of years and with rising pressures and prices, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Please – if you are able to make a donation to help ensure a bright future for the arts in our city.