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 -Please read our Cover-19 guidelines before-

Drive-in Cinema Cov-19 rules for our audience:

1. People must stay in their vehicles at all times, except to visit the rest room.

2. One person in the rest room at a time, except an adult with child.

3. Rest rooms will be cleaned after every visit. (Please follow government hand washing guidelines)

4. Whilst moving around site please adhere to the 2m social distancing rule.

5. We have a Management Plan, Costumer Journey  and Risk Assessment ready.

6. We will validate tickets electronically through the car windows.

8.Restrict the number of people per car will be limited to 3 persons (Unless COV-19 guidelines allow more.)



We will try to bring Outdoor cinema (seating) in September (TBC)

Multiple tickets can be ordered from here and credit/debit cards are accepted. For Sunset Outdoor screenings, in case of poor weather, the event will be rescheduled for the same location later on. Bookings cannot be changed within 48hrs of the screening start.

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