The Shiny Shrimps: A Hilarious Joyride!

A perfect cocktail of funny and emotional!

The Shiny Shrimps Cert 15 1h 43min 7pm Eldon Building Screening Room 1.10 Wednesday 5 February

This fresh and positive look into the LGBTQ community hits a comic mother lode while staying true to its emotional core. Matthias Le Goff’s blurting of a homophobic statement to the press earns him the disciplinary punishment of training a gay water polo team in order to rehabilitate his career. The flamboyant and quirky bunch who make up Le Goff’s new team aspire to qualify for the Gay Games in Croatia.

Things are off to a bad start when Le Goff discovers the team’s lacklustre interest in winning and their ‘off-putting’ familial friendship. However, as the prestigious games draw nearer, Le Goff finds belonging in the team and lets his prejudices and attitudes be challenged.

This crowd-pleaser brings in the fun and the funny to a poignant story rare for queer cinema as it is one of the few LGBTQ films to centre on the massive influence sports play in the building of communities.

While it separates itself from the usual LGBT dramas in France, The Shiny Shrimps doesn’t shy away from the negativity and oppression surrounding the team but instead confronts it with the genuine pride and confidence at the heart of these characters. Heart-warming and consistently hilarious, The Shiny Shrimps is a unique gem and a must-see!

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