Gay looking man in Flamboyant white shirt and lilac waistcoat lapel and hat with glasses holding a cigeratte wallpaper on the back and pink writing saying swan song. framed pictures on the wall.

Swan Song (2021)

Director: Tod Stephens Writers: Tod Stephens Stars: Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans Genres: Drama IMDb Rating: 6.9/10 Age Ratings: 12 Date and Time: Wed 1st  Feb  7pm & Sun 12 Feb 5pm h:45mins+Guest Speaker
Legendary actor, Udo Kier, stars as retired hairdresser Pat Pitsenbarger, who escapes the confines of his small-town Sandusky, Ohio nursing home after learning of his former client’s dying wish for him to style her final hairdo. Soon, Pat embarks on an odyssey to confront the ghosts of his past — and collect the beauty supplies necessary for the job. SWAN SONG is a comical and bittersweet journey about rediscovering one’s sparkle and looking gorgeous while doing so. Book tickets on this Link