We have found it necessary to increase our crowdfunding target.

As one of Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre supporters we wanted to send an update of where we are, where we’re headed.

  • Our café is attracting customers and we now have over 7.000 social media followers. Our eclectic film program which featured a Cult Film Festival is being well attended at  90 % capacity.  We are receiving local and national coverage through BBC South, The News and BFI FAN.
  • We have hosted our first (of what we predict will be very popular) birthday film and green screen parties for 15 ten year olds.
  • In August, we are conducting film, photography and technology taster classes to help set our autumn/winter youth program.
  • To date our venue hires, an important part of our community mission now include Seven Stars Yoga, mediation, photography club, workshops.

In the Spring our generous supporters expressed their desire for a cinema art centre in the heart of Southsea by pledging more than £25,000, smashing our online crowdfunding campaign which helped to pay for the much of the necessary building works.

We are reaching out to you one more time to ask for assistance. It will help to pay the last monies due for the building work already carried out. And it provides a small operating fund for the next three months to market the business and bring it more into the public eye.

We are grateful for any contributions you make via this Crowdfund request.

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