Shorts::Cut Rules

Please return the entry form with a video copy of your film to:


The final date for submissions is 21 September, 2018 and requires an administration fee of £6 per submission. Please read the entry regulations carefully.

Entry Regulations

For each film that you enter you must complete a separate entry form and a cheque for £6 made out to Portsmouth Film Society. Alternatively you can pay via paypal to (see our website for further instructions). Please submit your film in one of either two formats, either as a standard PAL DVD or as a High Definition H.264 (AVCHD) format Quicktime file on a DVD-R/+R or USB stick. Please do not submit Blu Ray discs.No films will be accepted if sent C.O.D. All entrants will be given two free passes to the final screening.

Portsmouth Film Society, its partners (including the Workers Educational Association and  Johnston Press) and its judges cannot assume liability for damage or loss. No submissions will be accepted if postmarked after the last entry date of 21 September, 2018.

Each copy entered must be clearly labelled with entrant’s name, address and the title. All submission forms must be completed in English. Maximum running time is 15 minutes including titles, end credits and music. Longer films will not be considered for the screening.

For the screening, at least one of the principal cast, or the writer, director or producer should reside or study in Hampshire, West Sussex or the Isle of Wight, or the film should have been produced in this area.

Entrants must have clearance for all copyrighted material (such as music) in the submitted film. We will not accept films that have already be submitted to Shorts::Cut in previous years, including updated or re-edited versions of older films. Showings will be organized in the autumn in the run up to the Guide awards. The dates of Shorts::Cut and the awards are subject tp change subsequent to the publication of this submission form.

Films made in, or by residents or students in The News’ circulation area (including Portsmouth, Fareham, Havant, Chichester, Waterlooville, Bognor Regis, Petersfield, and Bishops Waltham) are also eligible to be submitted to The Guide award for best local film. Only films completed after or had their first public screenings after January 1, 2017 are eligible for entry to The Guide award (Older films are welcome if not submitted for consideration to the award). Please indicate on the form whether you wish the film to be submitted as an entrant to the Guide awards.

Entrants should submit photographs or other images for Portsmouth Film Society to use in promoting the screening. Send prints or digital image files on CD-ROM (preferably high-quality JPEGs or Tiff images); do not send negatives or slides. The organisers cannot be held responsible for compatibility problems, and will not use images that are of poor quality or are deemed to be unsuitable. Please include names of the photographers, designers or artists, with the images.

Unfortunately, we cannot return DVDs so please do not send your only master copy. There will be a selection process, so entrants should understand that submission in accordance with the rules does not guarantee the film’s inclusion in the final screening in September.

In the event that your submission is selected, Portsmouth Film Society and Johnston Press may reproduce excerpts (of not more than 60 seconds) for inclusion in the promotional material or broadcast or to post or the Shorts::Cut website, The News website or to make available to other third party websites for the purposes of promoting Shorts::Cut and/or The Guide awards.

Portsmouth Film Society reserves the right to turn down material for screening a range of grounds including (but not limited to) poor technical quality, or objectionable content, such as pornographic or excessively violent content or material that promotes racist, sexist, homophobic views or other hate speech.