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Immediate Press-release 15th July 2022

Dear supporters,

We wanted to send an update to our supporters on Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre – where we are, where we’re headed and a request for some short-term financial help as we enter month three of our residency.

As you will be aware, in the early stages the society was pledged more than £25,000 by its supporters, smashing its online crowdfunding campaign which helped pay for most of the building works necessary for opening our doors. We’re keeping this campaign open in order to achieve a new target of £50,000. 

In the first two months:

  • Our Cinema programme is attracting a steady audience and numbers are slowly increasing. Cult and classic films being the most popular
  • We have hosted ten guest speakers for special film screenings
  • We are holding Dementia-friendly screenings
  • We have held three private bookings for the cinema
  • We have secured regular weekly bookings from the following groups: Southsea Photography Club, Seven Star T’ai Chi, Mediation and Kids AM film sessions
  • We have arranged to hold practical filmmaking workshops for children (including those who are home-schooled or have learning difficulties) throughout the month of August
  • We have arranged to team with Hampshire Youth Charity Motiv8 to hold further filmmaking workshops that month
  • The space has been booked for several children’s birthday parties
  • Our opening was covered by Portsmouth News and BBC Southeast. We are actively seeking other avenues to advertise our presence
  • Finally, we are proud to share that Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre now has thirty wonderful volunteers. This allows us to open our doors between 10.00am to 9.00pm, 7 days a week


We have one last hurdle to overcome. We have been awarded a £25,000 grant from Get Solent EU YTKO which we need to take up by 31st July 2022, or forfeit. However, to receive this grant we need proof that we have £20,000 in our business bank account. At present, we don’t!

This is where we are reaching out to you one more time to ask for help. We are asking existing sponsors if they could lend (or donate) Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre £1,000 per person. This would enable us to reach the criteria to collect the grant waiting for us. It will help pay the last monies due for building work already executed. Finally, it will provide a small operating fund for the next three months to market the business and bring it further into the public eye.

If you would like to help Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre one more time in this crucial early stage, please let us know whether you would like to donate or lend the centre amounts of £500, £1,000, £2,000 or £5,000. Those wishing to lend money will be repaid by September 30th 2022.

If you would like to donate or to lend the centre amounts of £500, £1,000, £2,000 or £5,000 our Bank Details are:



118 Commercial Road

Portsmouth PO1 1EP

Sort Code 40-37-15          Account. No.      22148714

Or cheques can be dropped in or sent to:

Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre 
1-3 Palmerston Road
Southsea, Portsmouth, PO5 3QQ

As a last footnote, if you know any other individuals or businesses you feel we should/could approach, please let us know.

Many thanks,
Portsmouth Film Society
Southsea Community Cinema & Arts Centre 
1-3 Palmerston Road
Southsea, Portsmouth, PO5 3QQ

Phone : 07528 808400