Aysegul Epengin

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Founder of Portsmouth Film society, from 2009, and coordinator and programmer. She is a Part-time Video Tutor at the University Of Portsmouth. I will continue to be an advocate and champion for specialised cinema exhibition. I do not have a favorite film any more, my favorite films are not my favorites and anything new and original make me live.

Ken Ebbens

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Ken Ebbens, 67, has worked in financial services for all but one year (running a chamber of commerce) since 1974, currently proof reading for a London-based marketing company. He is a rotarian and involved with several community/charity-based organisations in and around Portsmouth. His other interests include season ticket holder (with granddaughter) at Portsmouth FC, hosting a programme on a local radio station for combatting cancer, singing (with wife and granddaughter) in a local choir and playing badminton….all topped by spending time with granddaughter, of whom he is very proud.

Rabia Harper-Ronald

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I am always on the go, but also always look for any opportunity to socialize with friends or chill with a good romcom.

Chris J. Martin

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is a poet and art historian, former librarian, involved with Portsmouth Film Society for over 10 years, with an interest in classic, cult, and world cinema. Chris has reviewed recordings of film music for the Journal of British Cinema and Television. He believes in helping provide the community with a diverse programme of arts, entertainment, education, and social and well-being events.

David Marks

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David Marks lives in Gosport. A community activist, supplier of AV / filmmaking equipment and a strategic IT and business consultant. David is a founder of Repair Café Gosport and Gosport Community Cinema.


Alina Butu

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This quote describes me definitely:

Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.

Hilary Gainford
Trustee & Volunteer Coordinator

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Hilary Gainford moved to Southsea permanently a year ago after working abroad for many years in International Schools. She has worked as an Art Teacher, Primary Class Teacher, and Librarian.

While living in Budapest, Hilary enjoyed attending the various film festivals that were hosted there and has an interest in films that can transport the audience to places and cultures that are beyond its own personal experiences.

Hilary is helping to recruit and organise volunteers within our organisation.

Lee Mason Volunteer

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Lee Mason has been a city councillor for the ward of Cosham for over 20 years
including serving as Chair of Langstone Harbour Board, Health Overview Scrutiny
Panel, Licensing and Transport Environment and Culture Scrutiny Panel as well as
the Cabinet member for Resources. Actively involved in all the cities twinning and
international links he was also the Lord Mayor in 2018. One of his biggest
achievements on the council was beginning the Solar panel scheme that took the
council from having zero to being the top city for Green energy in the country.
Outside of the council he has an interest in travel, culinary delights, hockey, theatre
and international film and television. Whilst in college he would sneak into the media
studies lectures to watch the films on the curriculum and is the proud owner of over
700 DVDs and probably double that number of books. He also helped run a Roller
Hockey team and worked for the Swedish Inline Hockey Federation.
Amongst his favourite films are ‘Interview with a Vampire’, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at
the Whistle Stop Café’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘Twin Town’ and ‘Purely Belter’


Leyla Pank
Student Rep

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I am a junor committee member of the Portsmouth Film society, working on projects such as film clubs for youth. I am also an aspiring actor, you may often find me running concessions. Leyla is studying at Portsmouth City College Art and Drama.

Peter Mclver

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My raison d’etre is to be nice, that’s what I do. I’m interested in films, genres, directors, anything to do with cinema, and the opportunities to meet people PFS affords me.

Dyland Pank
Tech Volunteer

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I am a Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Media and Performing Arts in the Univesity of Portsmouth, teaching film and Video Production. I have been making and working on short films since the mid-90s, having studied filmmaking in Canada and Newcastle. I love science fiction cinema and still dream of electric sheep.

Hammad ALbachitie
Web Admin & Graphic Designer

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Hammad is an IT expert, his expertise is  related for system admin, computer network and technical support. Also Hammad is skilled in graphic design, video editing and website support, design and admin. Hammad undergraduate in Business Administration / systems and holding two Masters degree from the University of Portsmouth in Information systems and in Business and Management. Hammad Joined PFS as a graphic designer and website support volunteer, because its very related for his interest which is the digital media and marketing. for more details please visit my Linkedin account.