Filming by students of the I Am Only Human After All workshop being run by Portsmouth Film Society is taking place around the city the weekend of 23 March.

The films will premiere at a red carpet event to be held at the New Theatre Royal on the 30th of May.

These short films will also be screened at other local events this year and be entered into competitions.  You will also be able to view them online.

The films being made by first time Portsmouth filmmakers reflect on important local issues such as homelessness, substance misuse, people in recovery, disabilities and multiculturalism.

The class also includes students who are actively involved in support of these communities.

Portsmouth Film Society (PFS) continues to deliver on its mission to use film to help break down social barriers and unite diverse cultures.

Throughout the 20 week course held at the University of Portsmouth, students are being introduced to all aspects of filmmaking encompassing scriptwriting, casting, directing, filming and film editing.

The curriculum includes lectures by local filmmakers and an inspirational tour of Sony’s Pinewood Studios in London.

We are encouraged by the talent and dedication of the students and intend to apply and enhance their writing and cinematic skills in future PFS projects says chair Cecelia Young.

PFS plans to conduct similar courses in the future and are delighted to have received the Awards For All, Big Lottery, which is making this project possible.

For more information about the class and to purchase tickets for the 30 May Premiere please go to: