Amsterdam 2022 Imdb

Director: David O. Russell, Writer: David O. Russell

Stars: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Anya Taylor Joy –

Genres: Comedy, Drama, History

Dates: Southsea Cinema on news Years day at 6pm

Ratings: Audience Score 62% 

In the 1930s, three friends witness a murder, are framed for it, and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in American history.

Navalny 2022 Imb

Director: Daniel Roher

Stars: Alexei Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya, Dasha Navalnaya.

Genre: Political Documentary, Film

Show Times: Southsea Cinema at 7pm on 3rd January 2022

Ratings: 99% Rotten Tomatoes, 91% Audience Score

Follows the man who survived an assassination attempt by poisoning with a lethal nerve agent in August 2020. During his months-long recovery he makes shocking discoveries about the attempt on his life and decides to return home.
Flyer saying shorts plays and monologues 13th and 14th Jan

Shorts Plays and Monolgues

Playwright: Daniel Goldsmith and Janet Rawson 

Stars: Local actors.

Southsea Cinema 13th and 14th of Jan 2023 7:30pm

Following hugely positive reception to the November performances, we will once again put on PLAYS, a series of two-hander performances and monologues by local playwright Roger Goldsmith, using local actors. Book your tickets for Friday 13th and Saturday 14th January in-venue or online at –