Filmmaking course for children:  I am Human After All 2

Following on the success of the adult I Am Only Human After All project, we are launching a 20 week youth film-making class which will begin on mid-January in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Parents and schools are invited to submit potential candidates to Aysegul Epengin by 20thDecember 2019. They will receive a confirmation no later than the 10th January 2020 for the selected students.

Portsmouth Film Society is organizing an Induction Day for parents and educators who like signpost or register the potential students (between 10-16 years old) being able to access this course. The induction date is Saturday 7th December 2.30m-4pm at the Somerstown Central -The Hub. PO5 4JJ

The class will begin with video interviews of the students to understand what they expect to gain from the class and at the end to see if those expectations were met.

The class will touch on all aspects of film making and allow each student to perform each role: script writer, director, assistant director, actor, editor, cameraperson, lighting engineer.

The project will deliver:

  • The craft of making films and use of film messages to audience. In this case, justice and crime.
  • Script writing and storytelling.
  • Learning to use camera basics: tripod and recording, understanding camera angles.
  • Storyboard and learning to set sound use.
  • Working as a team member and crew roles.
  • Filming the stories.
  • Editing the films using After Visual and sound FX.

The 25 students will apply their skills learned in the class to write and produce short films based on justice and crime stories. Inspector Jon Tilbury from Hampshire Constabulary is collaborating on the project providing guidance and support.

The films will be premiered at a red-carpet event in Portsmouth in the autumn of 2020 and entered into national short film contests.  An Art Awards scholarship will be awarded to the student demonstrating outstanding commitment to filmmaking and teamwork. Students should gain a sense of achievement in film making, as well as building their self-confidence.  The sharing of experiences should make them more empathetic and gain feeling of being acceptance and being human after all.


After the induction day25 local students aged 10-16 have the opportunity to participate in a 20 week class being offered. The course will be free for the selected kids. Applications being accepted for Youth Film Making Class I Am Only Human After All 2 after Induction Day.

The project is possible through the generosity of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund. (HWCF). and 2018 equipment funding by the Lottery Fund for the adult I Am Only Human After All project. Any enquires: