A Drive-in Cinema Nostalgia re-visits Southsea seafront this time.

Portsmouth Film Society is back this year and we invite you to celebrate the sixth season return of Drive-In movie nights with us, a fun and safe outdoor activity for the whole family. The drive-in programme will complement our other SUNSET Open Air cinema events.  We  will begin our celebration with Sound of Metal on Friday 11th June and Mama Mia on Saturday 12th June, the first of its twice weekly drive-in movies; our showings will run consecutively every Friday and Saturday night throughout the summer period!

Experience popular, nostalgic films under the stars with the latest advances in FM technology to distribute sound through your car radio or handsets. Before the film begins we will have fun activities like karaoke.

Thanks to your audience participation last year, this stands as just one of the reasons that drive-in community cinemas are making a comeback and PFS was amongst the first to bring outdoor cinema to the South coast.

“After the incredible drive-in season at Cascade car park, we are grateful for this seafront location: The Pier Car park.  The drive-in concept is just still really cool. It is often on someone’s bucket list to visit a drive-in movie theater and an important part of pop-culture history. At PFS we are supported by the British Film Institute to bring specialised films and drive-in/outdoor cinema to Portsmouth again this year and we have a wonderful volunteer team keen to prepare the drive-in cinema events.” says Aysegul Epengin, Director.

As the UK and rest of the world slowly begins to emerge from such unprecedented circumstances, we are pleased to let you know that we are still working hard and safely increasing our outdoor cinema service capacity. We are dutifully following the precautions set by WHO and the UK Government to the latest COVID-19 public health and safety regulations.

Many thanks to the Portsmouth City Council, Film Hub Southwest, WaveFM105, Film Crew 4U, Victorious Festival and Flamingo Boss for their support and management at Pier Road, Southsea Skate Park and Fort Purbrook for making this season’s drive-in events happen.  Dizzy High Drones CIC will be onsite to take aerial footage and photos of the events. This can be viewed on our social media platforms and website.

This year’s season of summer films screened by Portsmouth Film Society will be drive-in events using the Pier Street car park adjacent to Clarence Pier, and Fort Purbrook.

For tickets, £30/£35 per car plus £2 booking fee.  (No bikes, campervans, minibus, van allowed)

PFS annual membership: £40, this membership allows x2 FREE drive-in cinema and unlimited outdoor cinema entry.

For further information please go to:

The contactless ticket sales will be available at the gate, online booking is started now. https://www.portsmouthfilmsociety.org.uk/tickets/

Sunset Drive-In 2021