C’est La Vie: Uproarious Farcical Dramedy

Wedding celebration goes bananas in Nakache & Toledano’s Altmanesque ensemble romp!

C’est La Vie Cert 15 1h 57min Eldon Building Screening Room 1.10 11 March

Max must deal with an assortment of troubles and anxieties from his staff as he struggles to find the most economic and efficient way to provide for the increasing demands of a wedding ceremony in a 17th century chateau. It’s a rough-and-tumble ride of stressful proportions as Max is slowly losing his patience with the incompetence shown by his (sometimes amateurish) employees.

To make matters worse, Max’s personal issues pile up to an all time high when employer and girlfriend Josiane demands him to divorce his wife or break up. All of this while more acts of madness erupt to spoil the celebration—fires will be randomly caused across the chateau by the inept staff as Max races to put them out. It’s insanity to the (pun intended) max, but it’s also a sweet story about coming together to celebrate and have fun. The movie’s original title, Le Sens de la Fete or The Meaning of the Party, comes through because of the care invested in the characters, and their nutty but relatable circumstances.

This rowdy but colourful caricature captures the full monty of humour, from silly gags to elaborate exchanges, C’est La Vie is packed full of knee-slapping indelible set pieces and is one of the best wild rides French cinema has to offer.

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