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SPRING Season 2024

Portsmouth Film Society Presents: PFS Green Film Festival at Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre

 Portsmouth Film Society is proud to announce its upcoming Green Film Festival, taking place at the Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre. From Wednesday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 26th, the festival will showcase a selection of thought-provoking films and engaging events centered around environmental issues and sustainability.

Statement from Aysegul Epengin, Director of Portsmouth Film Society: “It is great to bring back our festival after a 2-year break. As a community organisation, we love to showcase environmental concerns and activist films at our cinema. We hope a lot of local organisations will support our festival and come for special film screenings. As the director of Portsmouth Film Society, I believe that the climate emergency is the defining issue of our time. Where do we begin to make change? Film is a hugely powerful tool to communicate, understand and enable action. Cinema offers us a chance to connect with people, places, and wildlife across the natural world. Through our Green Film Festival, we aim to harness the power of film to spark conversations, inspire change, and bring communities together in the fight for environmental sustainability.”

Statement from Nick Sebley, Portsmouth Climate Action

“We need to change the way we live rapidly and at scale. Part of that is technical solutions such as solar and wind farms, EVs, heat pumps etc But another part of it is shifting our values. We need to change our relationship both with each other and the natural world- less exploitation and more respect, cooperation and community. For that we need a new story- and new cultural storytellers and visionaries. This mini festival showcases some people already engaged in that work. Come and hear about a local 350 acre country estate transformed from sterile dairy farm to a haven for storks, ravens, kingfishers and nightingales or three British farmers bringing life back to the soil. You can also try a workshop where you can gain an understanding of what a zero carbon culture world looks like- and what you can do to help us get there. There’s no time to lose.”

   Programme Highlights:

      Wednesday, May 22nd:

  • 1pm: THE OIL MACHINE (PG) – Free screening for school children. This film delves into the North Sea oil industry, exploring its environmental and economic impact.
  • 7pm: WILDING – Witness a dying landscape that defies the odds, healing and thriving in remarkable ways.
    David Allen  
    Info. UK | 2023 | 75 mins | English  

    At Knepp Castle in Sussex, conservation pioneers Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell abandoned industrial farming practices and allowed nature to ‘rewild’ their 3,500-acre estate with  remarkable results. Based on Tree’s bestselling book of the same name, Emmy-award winning  nature documentarian David Allen’s Wilding is a charming, hopeful story of ecological  regeneration.  

When they inherited the estate in the 1980s, Tree and Burrell attempted to modernise the farm, but it proved unsustainable. In a leap of faith, they let nature take back the land, surrendering contemporary preconceptions about landscape, agriculture and the husbandry traditional for historic estates. The scheme was the first of its kind in Britain and one of the most significant in Europe.  

A beacon of hope for British wildlife, Knepp is now home to thriving flora and fauna of all kinds, while Tree and Burrell have evolved into dedicated conservationists – knowledgeable about the catastrophic loss of biodiversity in Britain, yet also hopeful that work like theirs can reverse the decline.  

Thursday, May 23rd:

6.30pm: Portsmouth Climate Choir – Join in for an evening of inspiring melodies.


 Info. UK | 2023 | 96 mins | English

A documentary highlighting the efforts of three British farmers striving to revolutionize food production. Six Inches of Soil, tells the story of remarkable farmers, communities, small businesses, chefs and entrepreneurs who are leading the way to transform how our food is produced and consumed.

 Stay for a post-film discussion led by the Climate Justice Coalition SE Hants Hub.

      Saturday, May 25th:

  • 1pm: Climate Change of The Facts Workshops – Dive deep into the facts of climate change with workshops hosted by Portsmouth Climate Action (donations £5).
  • What do we need to do to stop climate breakdown- and how can you help? This workshop uses interactive exercises to shine a light on how our way of life is fuelling extreme weather and what changes in diet, travel and consumption would make the most difference. The facilitator, Nick Sebley, co-wrote the Climate Emergency Declaration that led to the City of Portsmouth having a 2030 net zero target, and until recently taught carbon literacy to staff at the University of Portsmouth.
  • 7pm: WILDING – Encore screening with a guest speaker sharing insights and perspectives. (2nd screening)

Sunday, May 26th

  • 2pm: Greenpeace Portsmouth Films – Enjoy a collection of films by Greenpeace Portsmouth (free entry).
  • 3pm: THE OIL MACHINE (PG) –

Info. UK | 2022 | 82 mins | English  

  The Oil Machine explores our economic, historical and emotional entanglement with oil by looking at the conflicting imperatives around North Sea oil. This invisible machine at the core of our economy and society now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change. Is this the end of oil? By highlighting the complexities of how oil is embedded in our society — from high finance to cheap consumer goods — The Oil Machine brings together a wide range of voices from young activists, oil company executives, economists to pension fund managers and considers how this machine can be tamed, dismantled, or repurposed. We have five to ten years to control our oil addiction, and yet the licensing of new oil fields is seen to be in direct contradiction with the Paris Climate Agreement. The drama of global climate action is playing out in the fight over North Sea oil.



Info. US | 2022 | 104 mins | English  

A crew of young environmental activists execute a daring mission to sabotage an oil pipeline, in Daniel Goldhaber’s taut and timely thriller that is part high-stakes heist, part radical exploration of the climate crisis. Based on the controversial book by Andreas Malm. An explosive adaptation of Andreas Malm’s treatise, How to Blow Up a Pipeline delivers a high-stakes eco-thriller ignited by riveting and complex antiheroes.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with important environmental issues through the power of film and community discussion.


Ticket Information: Tickets for screenings and events can be purchased through at the Southsea Cinema and Arts Centre box office or via this link:

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Join us in promoting environmental awareness and action through cinema at the Green Film Festival!

About Portsmouth Film Society: Portsmouth Film Society is a non-profit community cinema organisation dedicated to bringing diverse and thought-provoking films to audiences in Portsmouth and beyond. Through screenings, events, and community engagement, the society aims to enrich cultural experiences and spark meaningful conversations.

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