Who We Are


1. To encourage interest in film as a medium for public education, information and entertainment by means of the exhibition of films of artistic, cultural or informative character.

2. To advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of film.

3. To promote the study and appreciation of film by such means as presentations, lectures, discussions and exhibitions.

4. To bring people together to share experiences.
5. To celebrate the diversity in community and show films for B.M.E. groups in the community.

“Our mission is great art and culture for everyone – we can only achieve this if we make a commitment to promoting and embedding diversity throughout the work we fund and support. We call this the ‘Creative Case for Diversity’. Arts Council England

Power through diversity.   Investing in diversity

“Diversity and equality are crucial to the arts because they sustain, refresh, replenish and release true potential of our artistic talent – from every background. England’s diverse nature offers unique opportunities for artistic collaborations and innovation.

Since 2011 Arts Council England has been working with the arts and culture sector to develop an arts-centered approach to embracing diversity. The Creative Case for Diversity is a way of exploring how organisations and artists can enrich the work they do by embracing a wide range of diverse influences and practices. We believe that embracing the Creative Case will also help organisations address other challenges and opportunities in audience development, public engagement, workforce and leadership.

Our funded organisations are expected to show how they contribute to the Creative Case for Diversity through the work they produce and present.”  Arts Council England

Here is a brief page with information about the PFS team:


Favourite film.  The Good Earth
Passion.  Making a sad person laugh every day.




Favourite film:  The Searchers. Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) to Martin Pawley (Jeffery Hunter): ” ” That’ll be the day!”

Secretary of Portsmouth Film Society for past six years. Favourite film is The Searchers for John Wayne, John Ford and Max Steiner’s Wistful Score, and magnificent Vistas of the West. Also keen on art, particularly 20th century British, poetry, and folk music.


Founder of Portsmouth Film society, from 2009, and coordinator and programmer.  She is PhD student at The University of Portsmouth and she seeks to examine the place of local film societies, community cinemas in contemporary UK film exhibition.  She is a filmmaking tutor in the High Education. Her favourite film is Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves (1996)


I have been volunteering with Portsmouth Film Society for over 2 years, and I’m also part of the Cumberland House and Museum. I like bees and nice flowers.


Betty is a professional dancer and engaged with society as a resident for a long time. She has a big smile and terrific analysing power with it.



Roy is a filmmaker, audiovisual artist, arts producer and lecturer in media production at Southampton Solent University. He has a passion for stories and misses being able to drop into independent cinemas in London since moving to Portsmouth. He enjoys working his way through BFI Sight and Sound “best-of” filmographies but wishes that great films would get quicker online releases after doing the festivals.


Tom is started as a volunteer in the PFS Sunset Outdoor Cinema 3 years ago, now he is a committee member and working for fundraising to PFS.



Local artist and filmmaker, she is an active member of the film society since it started.

Her favourite film : Thelma & Louise


My raison d’etre is to be nice, that’s what I do. I’m interested in films, genres, directors, anything to do with cinema, and the opportunities to meet people PFS affords me. I’ve been with PFS for seven years, on the committee for five years. I like it because of its community spirit. I love the films of David Lean, my favourite film is Love is All: 100 years of Love on Film by Kim Longhonitto.


LA light OCD just makes your life more fun when walking down the street of tiles. My favourite film character: Lord Edmund St. John-Smythe from Hysteria

Favorite film: Life In A Day
Hobby: Riding a bike and looking for adventures



I am a wanderer who turns her dreams into reality by accepting the right challenges arising on the horizon. I never knew how does it feel to climb a mountain until last summer, and it felt quite familiar to me as this is what I am actually doing all my life. I love listening to good music, searching for new and yet unpopular good music on YouTube, reading books that I would find appropriate to my mood and would complete my previous reading list in some way, jogging outdoors when possible and writing when I have any inspiration.Therapist Sean Maguire played by Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting movie. My favorite film is The Legend of 1900


With a background in business, I moved to working as a full-time youth and community worker for Hampshire County Council. Moving into community work with Fratton Community Centre and then more rec3ntly community support and then community development in Paulsgrove.

My favourite film is a draw between the Lost Weekend (Ray Milland) and Pulp Fiction.


A Bulgarian student that seeks out people who encourage me to see the world in different ways and share it with the society through my artistic world.

I enjoy movies with complex plots such as The Shawshank Redemption and Shutter Island.


I am a Portsmouth University Journalism with Media Studies student and also I started a PFS internship in December 2017. I enjoy watching all genres of movies, with my favourite being Shutter Island.



I am a Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Media and Performing Arts in the Univesity of Portsmouth, teaching film and Video Production. I have been making and working on short films since the mid 90s, having studied filmmaking in Canada and Newcastle. I love science fiction cinema and still dream of electric sheep.