The WOW24 ∕ 7 award nominees.

In partnership with Portsmouth’s local newspaper, The News, short films submitted to Shorts Cut ’13 will be judged as part of The WOW24/7 awards (formerly the Guide Awards). The awards honour the best in local culture and entertainment, with awards to be given out at a glittering event held at the famous King’s Theatre in Southsea in January, 2016.

We are proud to announced the 9  nominated films from the films screened at Shorts Cut 2015. You can vote for the films at the News website for the WOW24/7 awards, and 6 finalists will be eligible for the award on the night of the awards themselves.

SELFIE – Geoff Harmer. (6m 49) A woman is haunted by a strange figure in her selfie photos

HELEN’S RICHARD – Gregory Smith (9m 45) Helen is a full time carer for her husband Richard who is suffering with dementia.

THE RIVER – James Quinn.(11m 15) Recently bereaved by the death of his trumpet playing brother, a naive young boy, seeks hope in a sinister boat and the trumpet sound that emanates.

RET CON – Bensalem Mitchell (5m 16). A thriller with a sci-fi edge. What if you had the ability to take back what you’ve done? Could everything be repaired, or are you digging your own grave?

SILHOUETTE – Thomas J Davenport (7m 38). Exploring the world as a nightclub, shot in an open and active club over a series of weeks.

SCISSOR HAPPY – Chris Jupp (8m 17). A quick cut leads to a bloody mess on the barbershop floor, as police are searching for the escaped criminal in the mind of the Barber.

BEYOND THE GLASS CEILING – Gavin Damerell (4m 53) – Scarlett represents everything the city detests, a young woman, sassy and vibrant. Scarlett must would be masters and go beyond the glass ceiling!

PRESENTS – Roger Goldsmith and Steve Hammal. (9m 40) A father bearing presents for his daughter, turned away from the home by his estranged wife, makes a young girl’s day.

GENTLEMEN LIKE US – Vaughan Douglas Capstick (9m) Ever wondered who dealt the cards that you’re holding, about how it must feel to hit that ‘lucky streak’ when nothing can go wrong?

The winner and runner up will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the awards  at The Kings Theatre in Southsea. For more information please visit the News website.

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