The Dementia friendly screening of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’!

Out of the many community type events that the Portsmouth Film Society has organised, the Dementia friendly screening of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was incredibly popular, with more than fifty individuals coming to see the film. The event was held in the King’s Theatre on Albert Road. The theatre itself is a grand Edwardian theatre with plenty of comfortable seats. Many came to the screening from nursing homes all around Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

The event was held for those who suffer from dementia and other such issues. The priority was making sure that the event was accessible to everyone, especially those who are wheelchair bound. The event catered to those who are usually unable to go to the cinema, with the focus being that they should be given a great experience where people can socialise and enjoy a movie. The Portsmouth Film Society prides itself on its inclusive nature, making sure that those who often are not able to partake in such community events are able to.

The atmosphere was great with many members of the audience clearly eager to be there. The movie-goers were certainly enthusiastic and engaged with the film, and there were also much singing along to the songs and during the iconic titular song, a couple of people even danced to the music.

The film itself was obviously great, and there is a reason it’s considered a classic and one of the greatest musicals of all time. With great choreography and catchy tunes that are just so memorable, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ seems like a perfect choice for such an event as everybody knows and loves it.

After the event, there was tea and cakes served in a cafeteria area, where the singing continued, and friendly conversations were held. When asked, many of those who attended the event said that they had a good time and that they would definitely come again to see another film. Events like this are important as they emphasize community cohesion; it ensures that no-one is left out, and it allows people socializeise and interact with the community when they may not be able to otherwise.

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