Land of Mine – Review

Released – 2015    IMDb Rating – 7.8/10   Genre – Drama, History, War, Action

Portsmouth Film Society Rating – 

Land of Mine is a dramatic, tough and shockingly violent film about an event that occurred around the end of the second world war. Once the Germans had surrendered in 1945, thousands of Nazi soldiers were ordered to clear thousands of mines that were planted throughout the Danish coastline. Not only was this highly dangerous and a potentially suicidal mission but was also something commanded by the Danish authorities as a punishment for their defeat.

Nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, Land of Mine is not only a powerful war movie but is also a thrilling and fascinating watch.

Directed and written by Martin Zandvliet and starring Roland Møller, Louis Hofmann, and Joel Basman, Land of Mine is an oppressively and enthralling tense drama which follows a squad of German soldiers, many of them young and teenage boys, as they clear the beaches.

Director Zandvliet uses sound – and sometimes the lack of it – to expertly portray the tensions going through the soldiers in the challenging situation. Roland Møller features as a brutal and tough Danish sergeant and is terrific throughout, and ultimately becomes the young soldiers’ protector.

Land of mine is a powerful and emotionally moving film and will leave you on the edge of your seats. Follow the journey of the German soldiers as they struggle to return home once their troubles are complete.


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