Ali & Nino – Review

Released – 2016   IMDb Rating – 7.1/10   Genre – Romance, Drama, War 

Portsmouth Film Society Rating – 

This romantic thriller set during WW1 and in the Caspian Sea region will sweep you away!


“This wonderful novel—beautifully constructed, vivid and persuasive, a love story at once exotic and familiar—is living proof that art is indestructible and transcendent.” – Paul Theroux on the novel behind the film Ali and Nino.

Directed by Asif Kapadia, this film is based on the original novel written by Kurban Said in 1937! The film is about two lovers ( played by Adam Bakri and Maria Valverde ) and their fight to be together in the name of love.

Ali is a Muslim in Azerbaijan and Nino is a Christian living in Georgia. However, when religion and world war comes between them, the couple flee in an attempt to be together, despite problems occurring all around them.

Kapadia smartly uses the same tempo and pacing throughout each scene, whether this be about war, love or chase. This may have been done in an attempt to show the difficulties one faces throughout life, and hence keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats at all times!

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