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Welcome to The Portsmouth Film Society’s website. The society shows the best in world cinema, documentary, independent film, animation and classic movies. Members see great films in a social environment, and meet and chat about movies with other film fans. PFS gives you the chance to watch great films that you might not otherwise get a chance to see.

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Winter Programme starts with:

WakoldaWAKOLDA: THE GERMAN DOCTOR (Argentina 2013)
6:45pm Thursday 15 January
Cert 12A | 92m
Spanish with English Subtitles

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Patagonia, 1960. A German doctor follows an Argentinean family on a road to a small town where the family will be starting a new life. The family welcomes the doctor into their home and entrust their young daughter, Lilith, to his care, not knowing that they are harboring one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Introduced by Associate Dean (Research) Dr Deborah Shaw is Reader in Film Studies at School of Media and Performing Arts at the University of Portsmouth

The film combines the muscular force of a Forsythian thriller with something purely eerie, static and atmospheric. Brendemühl brings a refrigerated menace to his role – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.