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theebTheeb (Jordan 2014)
Cert TBC | 120 min
Thursday 26 November 7 p.m.
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This Jordanian production provides a beautiful insight into WW1-era Bedouin culture and the stunning vistas of southern Jordan. Set in western Arabia in 1916, using mostly non-professional Bedouins, Theebtells the story of two brothers Hussein and Theeb from a family of pilgrim guides, who live a traditional Bedouin life. Their days are spent in the beguiling ritual of nomadic life, with Hussein, the elder brother teaching Theeb the skills and practices of surviving the environs of the Arabian Desert.

“Free of sentimentality, Theeb is a beautiful tribute to a way of life that has nearly come to an end, set during the crucial period when it began to disappear.” Violet Lucca, Film Comment Magazine

“(Director) Nowar … has described “Theeb” as “an Arabic western” in the tradition of Sergio Leone. The movie is that and more.” Stephen Holden, The New York Times