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Welcome to The Portsmouth Film Society’s website. The society shows the best in world cinema, documentary, independent film, animation and classic movies. Members see great films in a social environment, and meet and chat about movies with other film fans. PFS gives you the chance to watch great films that you might not otherwise get a chance to see.

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Withnail bannerWITHNAIL & I (UK 1987)  
SOUTHSEA CASTLE | 9 July | 21.20pm
Cert 15 | 107 min
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Tickets £7 in advance    Doors open 8.30pmLondon 1969 – two ‘resting’ actors Withnail and his flatmate, the “I” of the title, fed up with damp, cold, piles of washing-up, mad drug dealers and psychotic Irishmen, decide to leave their squalid Camden flat for an holiday in the countryside, courtesy of Withnail’s uncle Monty’s country cottage. But when they get there, it rains non-stop, there’s no food, and their basic survival skills turn out to be somewhat limited. Matters are not helped by the arrival of Uncle Monty.This classic British comedy is steeped in period detail and atmosphere, and packed with masterful comic dialogue and set pieces screening will be introduced by Prof. Justin Smith from The University of Portsmouth.