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TITWTI Logo Square-01This April, the University of Portsmouth is hosting , This Is the Week That Is celebrating those who have lampooned government figures and driven a comic stake deep into the heart of the political process.

Visit the This Is the Week That Is website to see all events for the week.

6:30pm Monday 13 April
Cert U | 70m

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Arguably the Marx Brothers’ funniest film, this comedy masterpiece contains several famous scenes, including the hilarious mirror sequence. A wealthy widow offers financial aid to the bankrupt country of Freedonia on condition that Rufus T. Firefly be made leader. But his chaotic, inept regime bumbles into war with neighbouring Sylvania. With an introduction by Olly Gruner, Lecturer in Visual Culture at the University of Portsmouth.

6pm Thursday 16 April
Cert U | 122m

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With a special introduction by Kevin Brownlow the renowned film historian, filmmaker and preservationist known for his brilliant alternative history It Happened Here and his restorations of films such as Abel Gance’s Napoleon. His talk will include excerpts from his own acclaimed Chaplin documentary .

A mild mannered Jewish barber in the European nation of Tomania becomes hero in the great war, but is left in a coma for 20 years. When he awakes,  Tomania is ruled by the derange despotic dictator Adenoid Hynkel, who plans the conquest of his neighbouring countries. Chaplin’s first true talking film is a plea for tolerance, humanism and defiance in the face of the threat of fascism, yet contains many memorable comic set pieces.